Ratchet RetroCase Ep 4027 years after the release of Lethal Weapon and 40 podcasts in, the Ratchet Retrocast has a revelation… We’re getting too old for this, uh, “stuff.” Joined by Smokin Joe from Cigar Nerds Podcast, Q and Ashley talk about classic 80s action movies, where it went wrong with the Lethal Weapon movies, and just the kind of “stuff” they’re getting too old for. Yes, even Ashley. Meanwhile, we sit down with Rick Abercrombie in Clockwork Conversations. Sit back and prepare to feel old as the Retrocast hits 40!

Show Notes:
Lethal Weapon
The Murtaugh List

Clockwork Conversations with Rick Abercrombie
Rick Abercrombie’s FB

Final Thoughts
“Be My Clementine” on the Killer Queen Anthology
The Cigar Nerds
Cigar Nerds on Facebook
Speakeasy Electro Swing Cabaret Night

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