The Vault is coming to the big screenby Rich Johnston, Bleeding

Just how did Sam Sarkar, writer of Image Comics’ The Vault, get Johnny Depp signed on as producer of the movie adaptation?

Maybe he asked him over morning croissants.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Sarakar is an executive of Infinitum Nihl production, owned by Johnny Depp. And with GK Films picking up the rights the comic, drawn by Garrie Gastony, Depp and Infinitum Nihl president, Christ Dembrowski will produce the movie alongside execs from GK.

The Vault is one of the comics being shepherded by Dave Elliott through Image Comics – both Sarkar and Gastonny used to work at Radical Publishing, which fired Dave Elliott a couple of years ago.

I believe revenge is a dish best served cold.

The comic, with only one issue out, is about divers that uncover a sarcophogus and let loose an ancient evil. Bleeding Cool ran the very first look at the comic earlier this year.

I understand Vault #1 already sold out from Diamond despite a generous overprint. Look for a second print pretty shortly, especially with this news. Say, let’s see that preview again…

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