Fresh off destroying any hopes for a Green Lantern franchise, Ryan Reynolds has signed on to become ConnER MacLeod in the remake of Highlander, according to

All I have to say is – 

Nothing against Reynolds, who I like as an actor – but there are so many things wrong with this – as we discussed in Episode 2 of TFA a couple weeks back.

1) Why are they remaking the original Highlander? Who can be a better Kurgan than Clancy Brown? Who can best Sir Sean Connery as Ramirez? How can we watch this movie without a Queen soundtrack?

2) Reynolds has already shown that while he’s a great supporting actor, he can’t carry a movie on his own (okay, maybe Romantic Comedies but who among us who love Highlander actually watch that crap – unless forced to by their significant other?). While many of the faults of Green Lantern were hardly his – he couldn’t save it.  Even though Will Smith mailed it in, he still was able to carry MIB III. Shia LeBeouf carried at least two of the Transformers sequels. Reynolds can’t do it.

3) He’s not even Scottish – he’s Canadian, for crying out loud. Okay, so maybe that’s not a big deal but after hearing Adrian Paul butcher a Scottish accent for seven years and Christopher Lambert not even try that hard – it would have been nice to have someone who sounded Scottish or was Scottish to actually be the Highlander from Glenfinnan.

4) It’s ConnOR MacLeod, not ConnER MacLeod…come on man!

If they want to re-start the Highlander Franchise – pick up where Endgame left off (ignore The Source – FOR THE LOVE OF GOT IGNORE HIGHLANDER THE SOURCE), let Reynolds take the mantle of Duncan MacLeod – or make a new Highlander – call him Colin MacLeod or it doesn’t even have to be a MacLeod – there were other clans in the Scottish Highlands, I’m sure the MacLeods weren’t the only ones….even though, you know, there can be…ahh shut it!

No – Lionsgate  – DO NOT DO THIS! This franchise is dead, let it  remain in Holy Ground…or bring us a new Highlander but don’t dig up the one thing that brought us all to the world of immortals in the first place.

It’s borderline necrophilia. No matter what you do – it won’t be big enough, the acting won’t be strong enough and they’ll always be compared to the original.

I guess it could be worse. They could have cast Colin Farrell.

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