Kevin Eastman is Auctioning Off His Studio for the Hero Annititive By Matthew Jackson, Source:;

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman’s drawing studio is a true nerdvana. It boasts hundreds of pieces of memorabilia, original art, books, one-of-a-kind collectables and DVDS. And now, after decades of building the collection, Eastman is selling it. All of it. For charity.

This has to be among the more unique eBay auctions we’ve ever seen. Rather than sell his collection piece by piece, Eastman is offering all the contents of his studio in one bulk sale. The auction includes Eastman’s drawing table and chair exactly as it was when the auction started, along with comics art, original storyboard art, animation cell art, posters, more than 600 DVDs, TMNT collectables that include never-before-seen prototypes and other goodies, San Diego Comic-Con badges, t-shirts, posters, lots of Heavy Metal magazine collectibles and more random (and often very odd) stuff.

Eastman is planning to donate the proceeds from this massive de-cluttering exercise to The Hero Initiative, a charity that provides emergency medical aid, living assistance and work-finding help to comics creators. As of Wednesday afternoon, the auction price is up to $5,450 with just over a week to go.

Check out the video tour of Eastman’s studio and start thinking about how many of your friends would be willing to split the cost of this treasure trove with you.

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