In this expanded episode, JC & Rita bring in the Oncoming Storm‘s Rachel Stewart and Dr. Geeks Lab’s Dr. Scott Viguié to explain to us what the heck just happened in Twin Peaks and Doctor Who.

Plus, we talk Han Solo, Spaceballs, Star Trek Discovery and more!


Transmissions From Atlantis 128 – What the Hell Just Happened In Twin Peaks & Doctor Who?

  • Opening
  • Rapid Fire
    • Han Solo Controversy – Director’s Fired, Disney not happy with Alden Enrenreich’s portrayal of Han.
    • Spaceballs 30th Anniversary
    • Prince’s Purple Rain Deluxe Edition
    • Star Trek Discovery will change a key Rodenberry Mandate
    • The Mummy overseas take – Biggest Global opening for Tom Cruise
  • Main Topic – Twin Peaks – What the Heck?
  • Doctor Who
    • The World Enough and Time
    • Preview the Doctor Falls
  • Closing featuring Julee Cruise’s Falling (Love theme from Twin Peaks)