We have a wild and crazy Transmissions From Atlantis for you this week. In a jam packed show, we give you the dish on a Ghost Ship infested by cannibalistic rats (and no, it’s not a SyFy movie – yet). We also talk to creator Martin Dunn about his comic Joshua Black and have a special announcement about a new project JC and Martin will be working on. Plus we give you our review of Sleepy Hollow’s season finale, review the latest Supernatural and give you a preview/review of episode one of Black Sails.

In our Doctor Who news we tell you which awards the show has won, what the 12th doctor’s action figure tells us about his costume and which comic book company will be doing Doctor Who comics. Plus, we review Sword of Orion, an Eight Doctor audio adventure.

All that, plus Daigon Alley Universal news and much, much more!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 65

1:32 Opening

4:16 News of the Weird

10:10 Sci-Fi News

30:31 Indy Comics

55:44 Horror News

  • Sleepy Hollow Season Finale
  • Supernatural

1:10:09 Doctor Geek’s Moment in Science

1:12:18 Doctor Who

1:27:25 Closing featuring Aloe Blacc’s I’m the Man

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