JC and Rita celebrate the return of Doctor Who by giving you an in depth (spoilerific) review of Peter Capaldi’s debut episode as The Doctor. JC’s comic book mini-series Star Mage wraps up it’s first series on September 3rd. He gives you the breakdown on the end and previews what’s coming up in the future. Finally, we give you our full in depth Dragon Con 2014 Preview! All this, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Dr. Geek takes on ghosts in this week’s TFA!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 84 – Doctor Who’s Deep Breath and our Dragon Con 2014 Preview

0:56 – Opening

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4:01 – Star Mage #6 preview

10:53 – DragonCon Preview

28:05- Doctor Geek Moments in Science – Ghosts!

31:35 – Doctor Who

  •  Deep Breath Review
  • First Impressions – Will Capaldi Be a good Doctor?
  • Is Jenna Coleman leaving?
  • Clara’s Impact
  • What’s Next?

1:00:49 – Closing featuring Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball

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