JC and Rita are back from Dragon Con 2014 with a full report on the amazing convention. We also we privileged to take part in an on-site press conference with the cast of Warehouse 13, we give it to you in it’s entirety.  Plus we have to give you our reviews the latest two Doctor Who Episodes Into the Dalek and Robot of Sherwood. All this, plus some major Star Mage news! Click download now, you know you want to!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 85 – Dragon Con 2014, Warehouse 13, Flash Gordon and Doctor Who

0:57- Opening

2:39 – Star Mage

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5:31 – Dragon Con 2014

40:40 – Warehouse 13 Interview

1:18:42- Doctor Geek’s MOS

  • Dr. Geek’s Science Fair

1:20:29- Doctor Who

  • Into the Dalek
  • Robot of Sherwood
  • Capaldi coming back?

1:44:26- Closing featuring Queen’s Flash



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