JC and Rita jump into the TARDIS and take you back to one of the most amazing years in the Entertainment industry – 1985. From Back to the Future to Madonna’s Like a Virgin, it’s the 30th anniversary that millennials should know about. TFA family members Doctor Scott Viguie (Doctor Geeks Laboratory) and NY Times best selling author Debbie Viguie (Sweet Seasons, Psalm 23 Mysteries) join our trip down memory lane. We’ll have another Dr. Geek’s MOS with some familiar voices discussing Dwarf Planets and in Doctor Who we tackle Doctor Who legos, the Sixth Doctor’s getting a regeneration and we ask the question – is the Doctor a person or an Idea?

All this and much more on this crackin’ episode of TFA!

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Transmissions From Atlantis 93 – 1985

  • Opening
  • Main Topic – 1985
    • Movies
    • TV
    • Music
  • Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science – Dwarf Planets
  • Doctor Who
    • Doctor Who Legos
    • Big Finish’ Sixth Doctor – The Last Adventure
    • Is the Doctor a Person or an Idea?
  • Closing

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