In a heartbreaking episode, we said our final good-byes to Amy and Rory of Doctor Who. To celebrate the memory of the husband and wife team in the TARDIS, we have dedicated Episode 16 entirely to the Ponds. We’ll tell you our favorite memories of Amy and Rory’s travels with the Doctor. We’ll tell you what we hated about them. We’ll give you our in depth review of the Angels Take Manhattan and rank where the Ponds’ exit ranks among companions leaving the show.

We’ll also give you audio from our Good Bye Ponds Party at the Atlantis Theater and be sure to stay to the end of the show for a special music selection Rita and JC chose to send the Ponds off for good.

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As usual, the schedule and links are after the jump…

Episode 16 Lineup

1:55 – Opening

3:05 – The Transmissions From Atlantis Droid App

4:34- Our Favorite Memories of the Ponds

27:10 – The TFA Good Bye Ponds Party – Season 7 opinions

41:21 – What did we hate about the Ponds?

48:42 – The TFA Good Bye Ponds Party – favorite memories of the ponds and what they think will happen

54:32 – Dr. Scott’s Favorite Pond moments and what he thinks will happen

56:14- TFA Good Bye Ponds Party – The Reaction of the crowd to Angels Take Mahattan

1:09:59 – Rita and JC’s Review of Angels Take Manhattan

1:25:32 – Where the Ponds exit ranks among companion exits

1:32:53 – Closing

1:34:00- In Memory of the Ponds, A Special Musical Selection by JC and Rita to close out the show (Alter Bridge, “In Loving Memory”)

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Android App: Transmissions From Atlantis

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