We give you a spooktacular Halloween special with Episode 19 of Transmissions From Atlantis. First, we give you our halloween memories and beliefs, along with our scariest halloween movies. We talk with Ann and Terri of Necronomicon 2012 to find out what’s going on this weekend.  We talk with Uncle Lew of the Doctor Who podcast the Happiness Patrol about their 100th episode and we discuss the scariest villains in Doctor Who. We also ask the question – is Doctor Who horror or science fiction?

Finally – we have our second great debate – Twilight vs. Harry Potter.

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2:21 – Opening

5:03 – Upcoming Schedule

7:47- What Halloween Means for us

9:08- Best Halloween Memories

13:16- Serial Vampire Series


18:03- Scariest Movies

26:10- The Great Debate – Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Transmissions Received
1:01:45- Necronomicon 2012 with Ann Morris and Terri Sears


Doctor Who

1:28:37- Series 7, Part 2 Writers

1:32:01 – Is Episode 710 called Journey to the Center of the TARDIS?

1:35:45- The Happiness Patrol 100th with Uncle Lew – Lewis Bailey


1:47:44- TARDIS Building with Uncle Lew

1:52:05- Scariest Doctor Who Villains with Uncle Lew

2:01:02- Is Doctor Who Horror or Science Fiction

2:12:00- Get out the vote!

2:12:41- Closing


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