We take you back to the 1990’s for this week’s episode. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one of our favorite shows back in those days. It had a simple concept. A guy with his robot friends “riffing” the most horrible movies you can ever see. With the availability of the show on Amazon Instant Download, we give you some of our favorites.

We also talk the Sci-Fi and Horror Super Bowl ads, more on the defunct Superman Lives, and Firefly – how can they bring it back without Wash? We give you our review of Hansel and Gretel, talk up World War Z and give a retro review of Paranorman.

Of course, we always have Doctor Who and we have a ton of 50th anniversary news – plus our Legacy Who Redux features The Tomb of the Cybermen!

The schedule and links are after the jump!

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Line up
1:26 Opening
5:29 Sci Fi News
33:17 Horror News
45:30 Retro Reviews
1:01:42 Doctor Who News
1:36:13 Legacy Who Redux 
1:41:15 Closing (feature 30 seconds to Mars’ Kings and Queens)

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