Fresh off our invasion of Earth Station One – we’re back on the underwater continent with prisoners! Mike Faber, creator of Earth Station One, joins us for an interview during our Transmissions Received segment. We also review Disney/Pixar’s new hit animated movie, Brave.

Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan has reached 30 years. We talk about our favorite moments in Khan and discuss the original crew movie franchise in general.

We do an autopsy on Sanctuary, we put Eureka in hospice and we lament the decline of Sci-Fi Channel since it became SYFY.

We asked the questions – Why did John Carter fail and Why do you hate Walking Dead’s little Huck Finn, Carl?

News of the weird gives us another example of the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse while letting you know that we may also have an Alien and Vampire Apocalypses as well!

More after the jump!

Rita’s Reading Review notes a big anniversary in the world of Harry Potter and we also preview Ascendio 2012.

We have major spoilers in our Doctor Who segment and we also mourn the loss of Caroline John, the actress who dazzled us as the 3rd Doctor companion Liz Shaw. We also pose the question – since the universe was remade after the Big Bang – does the Human 10th Doctor and Rose still exist? Is the 11th Doctor now the 1st of a new regeneration cycle?

We’ll also give you our review of True Blood Season Five, Episode 3.

What are you waiting for – transmitting……now!


4:56 – Review of Disney Pixar’s Brave
9:47- Star Trek II Wrath of Khan memories
21:24- Death of Sanctuary. Eureka and other SyFy Programs
33:38- Why John Carter Failed?
41:48- The Walking Dead – DO YOU HATE CARL?

News of the Weird
45:49 – Mysterious building older than the Pyramids!
48:07- Another Florida Zombie Attack
49:53- Vampire Attack in San Diego
51:01- Prisoner in Texas loses rights to practice Vampiric beliefs
51:53- Vampire graves found in Bulgaria
52:49- Nobel Prize Winning Economist says Alien Invasion could save the US Economy
53:59 – Jorge Garcia (LOST) Pleads with our future Alien Overlords
55:14- UFO writer wants to be the DJ of Doomsday

Rita’s Reading Review
57:23-Harry Potter Anniversary

1:01:18-Ascendio 2012 is coming soon

Transmissions Received

1:05:15-Transmissions Received – Mike Faber, Earth Station One

Doctor Who
1:25:52-Caroline John – Liz Shaw dies
1:31:13-Steven reveals new monster
1:32:59-Sources reveal Neve McIntosh (Madam Vastra) will be reprising roll in series 7 (Plus more interesting spoilers)
1:38:08-MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!! DALEKMANIA on the Series 7 Opener!
1:41:19- Do Rose and the Flesh Doctor still exist and is the 11th Doctor actually the First Doctor?

1:48:26-True Blood Episode 3 review


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