Corrina Lawson over at Geekdad posted her 14 Favorite Geeky Romantic Quotes. Any of your favorites make the list?

From The Princess Bride:

“As you wish.”

“Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it a little while.”

James Cameron is quite the romantic, at least in movies.

“I came across time for you, Sarah.”

“Come with me if you want to live.”

The Terminator

“I see you.”


“Never let go.”


The classics:

“No woman has ever been the worse for knowing me.”

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

“Oh, that’s not right…”

–Galaxy Quest

“Walter, you’re wonderful, in a loathsome sort of way.”

–His Girl Friday


A few from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

“Well, uh, maybe I’ll see you around… maybe at school… since we… both… go there.”

–Xander to Buffy at their first meeting.

“Sometimes, when I’m sitting in class — you know, I’m not thinking about class, ’cause that would never happen — I think about kissing you. And, it’s like everything stops. It’s like, it’s like… freeze frame. Willow kissage.”

–Oz to Willow

“When I say, ‘I love you,’ it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman.”

–Spike to Buffy


The West Wing:

“I just want you to talk to me about it. I want us to talk about what it will mean and how we’ll make it work. I want us to talk like we’re gonna figure it out together. I want us to talk… because I like the sound of your voice. I just want to talk.”

–Danny to C.J.


Babylon 5

“The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make this station and the nebula outside, that burn inside the stars themselves. We are star-stuff. We are the Universe, made manifest, trying to figure itself out.”


From comics:

“Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot.”

–Mary Jane, meeting Peter (Spider-Man) Parker for the first time.

“I think of Sarah. The rest is easy.”

The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller — I know! Who knew he was a romantic?)

Judging from the quotes, the most hopeless romantic of the bunch is Buffy’s Spike. I guess souls are over-rated.

It also occurs to me that “As you wish” and “I swear it will be done” are both quotes from The Princess Bride that should mean the same thing…except one lacks all sincerity.

Personally, my favorite romantic movie line is “You make me want to be a better man.” from As Good As It Gets. However, this list is supposed to be “Geeky Romantic Quotes” and, in my humble opinion, the list is void without Han’s “I know.” response to Leia’s “I love you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, tell the geek in your life you love them.

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