Cover Art: Chris Kohler. Colors: Sarah White

White Rocket Books has shared a sneak preview of the wraparound cover for the upcoming release, SENTINELS Vol. 7: METALGOD, a novel by author (and ESO Network podcast host of The White Rocket Podcast) Van Allen Plexico.

The Metalgod cover is pencilled and inked by longtime Sentinels interior artist, Chris Kohler (Metalgod marks his first cover art for the series) with color art by Sarah White (her Sentinels debut). Design work is by Van Allen Plexico. You can view the full cover above as well as here.

“The design and cover logo are slightly different from previous books,” said Plexico of the cover. “I figured the first volume in a new arc was the best time to try a somewhat different look.”

Sentinels Vol. 7: Metalgod will be on sale in early December in paperback and Kindle from White Rocket Books.


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