Clerks: The Animated series might be coming back in 2013by MTV Geek

That’s what Kevin Smith is promising on Twitter.

Kevin Smith has famously promised that after his hockey saga Hit Somebody shoots and wraps, he’s wiping his hands of filmmaking and concentrating his efforts on helping smaller films get distributed. But, that doesn’t preclude him from dabbling in work for the small screen, recently noting via his Twitter feed that he and the revitalized Miramax would be working together to resuscitate the short-lived animated series based on his first film, Clerks. According to Smith, he and Miramax are looking to bring the show back as a series of half-hour episodes sometime next year.

That series reunited the film’s leads Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson as Dante and Randall respectively, along with Jason Mewes as Jay, and Alec Baldwin* as their sometimes-rival, wealthy magnate Leonardo Leonardo. Wikipedia helpfully reminds us that Clerks: The Animated Series only made it two episodes into its first season in 2000 before network ABC gave it the axe. When the DVD was released in ’01 collecting all six episodes, there weren’t many 20-somethings I knew at the time who didn’t own a copy.

Smith hasn’t indicated what network the conjectural new series might air on (or if it might not go the Netflix route ala Lillihammer and Arrested Development.

*Until now I thought it was David Warner. Go figure.

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