Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 53: Getting Wilder

The Cigar Nerds

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 53: Getting Wilder. This week we honor a comedy legend and pay tribute to Gene Wilder. We finally make it back to the Nerd Cave and discuss our favorite Gene Wilder movies. In science we talk to a real scientist, Dr Stephen Granade from Dragon Con, youtube, and NASA. In Blowing Smoke we sit down with a legend, Master Blender Ricky Rodriguez of CAO and General Cigar. In news we talk about the CW app, the return of Flash and Agents of Shield, Nintendo projectors, and Magnificent Seven. We also review the Foundry Cigars Time Flies and the Stone  Brewing  Bitter Chocolate Oakmeal Bourbon Stout.

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Flopcast 229: DragonCon 2016 – Do You Want a Banana?

flopcast logo in color with ESO stamp

Flopcast episode 229! It’s our annual DragonCon review show, in which Kornflake patiently tolerates Kevin’s endless yammering about our very favorite gathering of nerds and/or geeks in hot and sticky downtown Atlanta, Georgia! Featuring: All our crazy awesome friends from the ESO Network, the American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media Track, the American Sci-Fi Classics Track, and Wicked Geeky; a field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts (to visit all the Muppets, plus Kornflake’s old friend Up-Up from Romper Room); the Cult of the Marriott Carpet; Kevin explaining “filk” on DragonCon TV; panels on Little Shop of Horrors, Watchmen, Gotham, Wonder Woman (with George Pérez!), and mullets; music from Here Come the Mummies, Kirby Krackle, Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, and Jonathan Coulton; the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Frank, Trace, and Bill!); the stars of Flash Gordon and/or Manimal (Sam Jones and Melody Anderson!); the one true star of Caddyshack (that’d be the dancing gopher, of course); a mysterious Polaroid fairy; an unexpected banana; and giant space chickens. Yikes, that was not a normal weekend. Also: We’re celebrating National Good Neighbor Day (with a little help from Davey and Goliath), and we’re drinking Hi-C Ecto Cooler from a plastic tiki cup. Because if nothing else, DragonCon taught us to be classy.

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The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 9

The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 9
The 30th anniversary celebration is over. The mad scramble for hotel rooms for 2017 has begun! Mike, Mike, Darren, Mary Lou Who, and Nikki share their stories from this year’s Dragon Con. We also hear from Eternal Zan, Michelle Biddix-Simmons and Kevin Bachelder. Once you get over the con crud, it’s time to start prepping for next year.
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Metal Geeks 112: Louder Than Geekery


Join your geeky hosts for another adventure into geekery! Topics range from Epcot Center, the Louder Than Hell book, Gaahl from Gorgoroth, old school Sierra games, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Dead Rising, Bioshock, Rogue One expectations, and George Hates Metal tackles the new Ghost EP.

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Agents of Shield and Gotham Season Openers and Raiders!


This podcast has taken a different turn as there is no one to host the program. Let me rephrase, there is no human on the actual podcast. When you listen to the show, you will understand.

In the meantime, this podcast is going cover several reviews:

  • Agents of Shield Season 4 Opener
  • Gotham Season 3 Opener
  • Raiders! Fan film documentary

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Transmissions From Atlantis 113 – President’s Day


JC and Rita get a preview of the upcoming horror parody, President’s Day, and give you an interview with the Writer/Director/Producer/Star of the film, David Zuckerman.
In our Doctor Who segment, we talk Barroman vs. Moffat and the Who spinoff Class. Also in our Rapid Fire segment, we talk Agents of Shield: Ghost Rider, Designated Survivor, Fear the Walking Dead and More!


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Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 139 – The Diary of River Song Series One

Earth Station Who Ep 139
It’s not polite to go through a person’s private journal, but when it is adapted by the folks at Big Finish, it is difficult to resist! Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary thumb through the four part audio series featuring Alex Kingston and Paul McGann.
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The ESO Pro-Wrestling Roundtable Episode 36 – ESO PRO GOES TO THE MOVIES!

ESO Pro Ep 36
This time on ESO PRO we are minus Jonathan Williams as he is on assignment and John steps out for the main subject to boldly go where no one has gone before. But before he does that John and Richard talk a bit about The Dudleys recent retirement and the sad news with the passing of Mr. Fuji.
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The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 336 – The World of David Lynch

The ESO Podcast Ep 336
The ESO crew order up some espresso, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and some damn good coffee to discuss the career of one of the true visionaries of the cinema. Mike, Mike, Cory Reese Keelen, and Daniel Suddes enter the strange and wonderful world that is wild at heart and weird on top. Plus, Anthony Taylor provides us with the latest news on Monsterama. All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Geek Girl’s Take, and Shout Outs!
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Flopcast 228: FumpFest 2016 – My Stomach and Face Hurt From Laughing

flopcast logo in color with ESO stamp

Flopcast episode 228! Kornflake is back from Chicago, where she was surrounded by some of our favorite silly people at FumpFest, a whole crazy convention of comedy music! Her adventures included Dementia Water Aerobics, field trips away from the convention for weird theater and weird French toast, receiving more lobster-themed gifts, and smashing up a rental car like she was in Hazzard County. There were also plenty of hilarious performers, of course, including Devo Spice, Carrie Dahlby, Seamonkey, Worm Quartet, The Gothsicles, Rob Paravonian, Tim Cavanagh, Tom Smith, Dino-Mike, Megathruster, 2D6, and FumpFest Guests of Honor Paul and Storm! Kornflake even brought us a special Flopcast interview with The Library Bards, Bonnie and Xander! (And listen carefully for cameos from Jaykitty, Insane Ian, and the great Luke Ski!) We also have a “What’s in the Bag” segment (featuring a mysterious liquid Kornflake acquired in Chicago), and we’re celebrating National Elephant Day. So come on — this is the most Fumpfestive podcast you’ll hear all day.

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