Review: Doctor Who the Companion Chronicles – The Child

childthecover_cover_largeBlurb: “Tell me another story, Leela. Not the one about the walking doll or the creepy mechanical men. A new one. I want to hear a new one…”

Leela is dead but her soul lives on. She has been reborn as a young girl, Emily, whose ‘imaginary friend’ tells her amazing tales about a great Wizard and the warrior who accompanies him on his adventures through time and space.

Emily prepares to tell her parents the story of a cold, grey world whose people are ruled over by a Glass Angel. The Wizard is her prisoner and only the warrior girl and her three peculiar friends can save him… Continue reading “Review: Doctor Who the Companion Chronicles – The Child” »

Earth Station Who Episode 90 – Does Doctor Who Need A Christmas Special?

Earth Station Who Ep 90The ESW crew wonder what the holidays would be like without a special episode of our favorite franchise. Would we have a Blue Christmas without Who? Plus, Mike, Mike, Jen and the Phantom Troublemaker are joined by Oni and Harknell to preview the upcoming and exciting (Re)Generation Who convention in Maryland.

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The Oncoming Storm Ep 135: NA #32 – Season’s Greetings and Happy TORTURE

TOS logo ep 135Now that the mistletoe is hung and our stockings have been put up, The Oncoming Storm can finally release their holiday episode! It’s all about two psycho godlike entities mentally abusing and physically torturing the Doctor, Ace and Benny! Ok, so maybe it isn’t your traditional holiday special… or even anything to do with the holidays at all, but it should be fun talkin about… all… the… torture. Just listen ok? And a reminder: Due to the holiday schedule here at The Oncoming Storm, we will be off for the next two weeks. But Don’t Worry! We’re back with all new episodes January 8th!


The holidays are fully upon us. For some, it’s a magical, happy time. For others, a nightmare of obligations and consumerism. And for the special few, it’s all about reading books about torture and death! That’s right, The Oncoming Storm is here this week looking at New Adventures novel Falls the Shadow by Daniel O’Mahony. A tender holiday tale about extra-dimensional beings who come to wreck havoc and death because they are bored, this story see Josh, Ashley, and Rachel really getting into the holiday spirit! So put on your best splatter proof holiday sweater, break out the pliers, and get ready to go to town with us! The Oncoming Storm… This time, we’ve got a bunch of dead bodies! A lotta lotta dead bodies. Um… Merry Christmas?

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Movie review: ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’ brings ‘Hobbit’ trilogy to a close

HobbitAll journeys must eventually come to an end, and after 13 years and six movies, director Peter Jackson completes his time in Middle Earth with “The Battle of the Five Armies,” the final chapter in “The Hobbit” trilogy. Jackson earned an Oscar for his adaptation of British author J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy series “The Lord of the Rings,” and he returned to Middle Earth to bring to life the LOTR prequel “The Hobbit.”

The main character, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), is quite a different hobbit by the end of the prequel trilogy. At first reluctant to leave his comfortable home in the Shire, Bilbo is now a key player in events that will shape the course of Middle Earth’s history.

“The Battle of the Five Armies” picks up right where the previous film left off — the dragon Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) has been unleashed from the Lonely Mountain and is determined to destroy nearby Lake-town. However, once the dragon is dealt with, fans of the book know darker threats await. Dwarven king Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) is consumed with lust for the treasure found within the Lonely Mountain, and both Elves, Men and Orcs are willing to fight for that treasure. Continue reading “Movie review: ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’ brings ‘Hobbit’ trilogy to a close” »

Earth Station One Episode 245 – LGBT III: Characters In The Closet

Earth Station One Ep 245On this episode, the ESO rummage through the station closet and discover some interesting characters. Mike, Mike, Darren, and Sabrina Pandora shed some light on a few pop culture figures that are so much in the dark, a few may be outed on this episode. Plus, Sabrina takes The Geek Seat to the limit! All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: LGBT III – Characters In The Closet

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Burlesque Atlanta Episode 2 – Burlesque Atlanta Society’s December Round Table

BUrlesque Atlanta Ep 2
Talloolah Love is a long time veteran of the Atlanta Burlesque scene. She has been the matron of the Burlesque Atlanta Society for many years, a community outreach organization that includes fans, photographers, producers and performers who come together once a month at Elliott Street Deli and pub to talk, perform, review and kick back in hopes to build a stronger network within the city and beyond. It’s been this way for a while, but she thinks that the community can step it up a notch with a few sassy interviews, a few how-to’s and a lot of exciting point of views. Her hope is that through this podcast, she can highlight the underground arts scene with a focus on Atlanta, and beyond!

This month, she sits with photographer, Kevin O’Connell, emcee and boylesque performer, Fritz Krieg, fellow burlesque veteran, The Chameleon Queen, and newcomer to the scene, Ariel Allegro in the very first Burlesque Atlanta round table to talk about the play-by-play of last month’s keynote speech (link episode one here?) She then takes a quiet moment after a rather rambunctious photo shoot with the illustrious Marc Turnley.
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Transmissions From Atlantis 91 – Prince LeStat and the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice

JC and Rita are livin’ la vida vampires as they discuss Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and review her latest edition to the saga of Le Stat, Louis and the other immortals. Also, Doctor Geek checks in with another Moment in Science and our dynamic duo give you the latest on the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Clara coming or going, Peter Capaldi’s future as the Doctor and a BBC Theme Park? All this and more in this week’s TFA!

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Ratchet RetroCast Episode 42 – Don’t Panic

RatchetRetrocast Ep 42Grab your towel, throw on a bathrobe and DON’T PANIC! Sit back as we take a tour down Douglas Adams famed work Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Joining with us on this episode is legendary Captain Anthony LeGrange of the Airship Archon live from Ohio! Strangeway and Q grab Tony and hitch a ride to the restaurant at the end of the universe! Come along and thanks for all the fish!
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The Oncoming Storm Ep 134: BF #57 – Poor Vacation Planning

TOS logo ep 134As we come to the end of the year and approach the holidays, many of us will be looking to spend time with the ones we love. So what better time to look at a Doctor Who story that examines if all the choices we make for love is worth it? In a story that could totally be described as Romeo & Juliet meet Independence Day, Arrangements for War by Paul Sutton shows us how love can change history, heal wounds, and mend friendships. It sldo shows us that love will get you killed. C’est la vie. Also, we pick our favorite Doctor Who love stories! (You know, besides Peri and Yrcanos.)

So. You’ve just experienced the horrible deaths of a young cabin boy and the young mother turned vampire you swore to help. You know you’re dying but can’t tell your traveling companion. It’s understandable that you might need a break. Just, whatever you do, don’t let the Doctor choose the vacation loca… aww, you let him pick didn’t you? That never goes well. In episode 134 of The Oncoming Storm, Josh, Ashley, Rachel, Sacha, and Dr. Scott join the Doctor and Evelyn in Arrangements for War by Paul Sutton. It’ll be a nice relaxing trip to a planet we all know will be invaded in a few weeks. But don’t worry. The impending royal marriage will seal the union of the mightiest nations on the planet, which will repel the invaders. What could go wrong? But before they make that trip, your hosts discuss one of the most delicate subjects in all of Doctor Who; Love. The Oncoming Storm… This time, we’ve got heart problems. And no audio clips. Yeah, we forgot. It happens when you’re old. With the heart problems.

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