The Earth Station DCU Episode 25 – Invasion: The Big CW Crossover

Join Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs as we discuss…

DC News

Superman Annual #1

Batman Annual #1

Supergirl S2 EP8

Flash S3 EP8

Arrow S5 EP8

Legends of Tomorrow S2 EP7
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Flopcast 239: Thank You, Ninjas

flopcast logo in color with ESO stamp

Flopcast episode 239! A trio of festive concert reports this week: Kornflake journeyed to a casino in the middle of Rhode Island and finally saw The Monkees (parking was tricky, but the view of Peter Tork was outstanding); meanwhile, Kevin and the Mayor were in Boston for the long-awaited return of Letters to Cleo (for the record, Kay Hanley remains our favorite singer in the universe); and once again we dodged flying undergarments at Niki Luparelli’s annual David Bowie tribute concert and burlesque show. We also celebrate the 100th birthday of Mr. Peanut (the secret of eternal youth — wear a top hat, a monocle, and nothing else), and remind everyone to appreciate ninjas. Especially coffee ninjas.

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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Fourteen


On today’s program, Josh Pederson, Chris Bahner and Gerald Glassford talk about the rising costs of the comic book industry and ask if it’s getting to be too much for those who want to dive into the world of heroes and villains. Kevin from the Flopcast stops by to talk the latest candidates for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and discuss who is a sure thing to get in and others who we feel are just as worthy. Then Mike Crockett and “the Kingpin” Brian Milonas from a Wrestling Podcast About Nothing return to talk the independent wrestling scene and why the world of sports entertainment is just as interesteing outside of the WWE. Then Douglas Houghaboo from Retro City Games checks in to talk the Last Guardian for the Playstation 4 FINALLY hitting retail shelves. After so many years in development, will gamers still find the game a worthwhile experience? All this plus a taste of the latest Gamercast with Jay, Rob and Glenn,  an e-sports short from the Battle on the Strip and Amazon Appstore’s Champions of Fire Invitational and a highlight from the latest ESO holiday gifts podcast. It’s another jam packed for you today as we delve once again into…the Pop Culture Cosmos! (1:02)


The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Heroes vs Aliens: Invasion


This is it. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. 4 DC Shows over 4 nights to battle 1 major villain – The Dominators.  Continue reading “The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Heroes vs Aliens: Invasion” »


The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 40 – 5 Best & 1 Worst Of 2016

The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Ep 40
On this episode of ESO PRO, John, Jonathan, and Richard discuss 2016! Well, not all of it, just the five best and (one) worst of the year, in a good old fashioned round robin style conversation. Of all the good (and all the bad) it is a lot to discuss but the guys surprisingly have different opinions for the most part. Each crew member chose one subject for each round of someone or something that improved this year over the previous ones. As for the worst, well, they discuss what and how the worst isn’t necessarily the fault of the subject.
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‘The Midnight Guardian’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

The Midnight Guardian book review by Ron Fortier
(Hour of Darkness)
By John C. Bruening
Flinch! Books
408 pages

The traditional classic pulp novels that appeared in the 30s magazines generally ran 60,000 words. In them one would find a fast paced narrative that would explode across the pages in colorful, purple prose. Over time many of these tales were reprinted in paperbacks and continued to be labeled as novels. Whereas in truth, they were actually novellas that once took up the main portion of a monthly periodical that also featured two to three additional shorts to fill them out. We raise this topic because over the years, most novels coming from the big New York publishers grew to well over 120,000 words and were easily distinguishable from their pulp paperback cousins. Of course this ultimately led to the over-written, padded monstrosities we are cursed with today and the dwindling sales margins have forced big time publishers to demand “bigger” books. But that’s a whole other topic for another time.
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Suicide Squad: Extended Cut review

suicidesquadecposterSuicide Squad was released in August to a very mixed reception. I and other comic fans seemed to enjoy it, but critics complained that the film was tonally inconsistent and said the pacing was a mess, which were legitimate issues, but the movie was still entertaining. Although I will acknowledge, my first thought when leaving the theater was “that was pretty good, I wish I could’ve seen the rest of it.” There were many moments where one could tell scenes were missing, and the Joker’s plot was a complete nonstarter. Not long after the end of the theatrical run an extended cut was announced and fans were hopeful after the success of the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman. Unlike the Ultimate Cut of BvS, the extended cut of Suicide Squad is able to fix some problems, but the film is still ultimately flawed.

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The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 144 – School Reunion

esw_ep144Since we currently don’t have any Class in the U.S., the ESW crew go back to school with a Tenth Doctor story featuring the welcome return of a beloved companion from the classic era. Things get a bit awkward when Jen and Mary discover they were not the first cohosts on the station with Director Faber and Howdy Mike uncomfortably identifies with a tin dog.
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Metal Geeks 117: Tickling My Geekery


The Metal Geeks venture into Disney territory as they discuss their favorite all time animated movies and the whole crew tackles the new Metallica in George Hates Metal. There is also discussions about Moana, Planet Coaster, the Exorcist tv show, Black Friday purchases, Disney Parks announcements including Epcot, Tower Of Tower, Avatar, Universal Studios bringing Nintendo to play, and so much more!

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Myopia: Defend Your Childhood – Mission Briefing: The Living Daylights (1987)

the-living-daylights-poster-2This week we introduce the new James Bond. He is rugged, he doesn’t make quips, and it is a darker grittier movie. I know whate you’re thinking, are we talking about Daniel Craig? No, that’s crazy! They wouldn’t try to reboot the series is darker and grittier with a rugged James Bond doesn’t make quips more than once or possibly twice! Sigh, nope, nothing is ever new with this series. It is okay, well, whatever. We watched License to Kill!

Host: Nicolas Hoffmann

Panel: Abbey, Matt, Daniel