Epi. 35: Collection Connection – New Movie Toy Lines

Collection Connection

The first Collection Connection on The ESO Network has arrived! This week Josh is joined by comic book enthusiast and long time friend Drew to journey into 2015 movies and the collectible lines to follow.

Chat also includes recent changes in comic book story lines and  how those changes are impacting the way we view the comic worlds we have grown to love.
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Bionics Investigation Begins

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA The first chapter in the season two finale has begun!  I can honestly say that we have been building to the investigation into bionics from the very beginning.  From reality to fiction and back again, the science and fiction of bionics has touched so many lives, including my own. So put on your red tracksuit and prepare to jump into an investigation that shows how science can make one better than they were before!


Earth Station One Episode 251 – Space Battleship Yamato / Starblazers

Earth Station One Ep 251
Time is running out! The Earth has only 360 days left until it is destroyed! The ESO crew must travel to the planet Iscandar to save their home, but how will they get there? Mike, Mike, Mark Holmes, John McCarthy, and Nathan Laws dig the Yamato out of mothballs for one more inspirational voyage. Meanwhile, contributor Mary Ogle finds herself face-to-face with the Geek Seat! Plus, Robert Jeffrey announces his upcoming appearance at the Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo. All this along with the usual Rants, Raves, and Shout Outs!

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Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 11: High Skool Reunion

The Cigar Nerds
The Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 11: High Skool Reunion. This week we get old school, all the way back to high school. We talk common themes in school movies and see how our own school adventures compare. In beer 30, we sample the Left Hand Brewing Wake Up Dead, and in Science we look at cloud cities and people who post too many selfies, you know who you are. And finally we talk CES and learn about new technology in Nerd News.
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Respawn Radio EP 043: Deflated Balls


On this weeks deflated episode of Respawn Radio the whiskey crew talks about Dying Light, PS Now on Vita, P what Tetris? MS shows off Windows 10 stuff, balls get mentioned, and maybe some sexual stuff. All that and a bag of chips on this weeks episode of the whiskey hour.

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Flopcast 142: Merrily We Flop Along

The Flopcast

Kevin and Kornflake celebrate Puzzle Day by dressing like the Riddler (or not); a recent production of the Mayor’s favorite musical features hula hoops, chicken people, and the sister of the guy who starred in Automan; thanks to the Pudding Pages, we’re talking about Jim Carrey (Kornflake likes The Truman Show, while Kevin prefers The Duck Factory); we’re so excited about the new book Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? that we’re starting several book clubs; and yikes, it’s time to get ready for MarsCon. (We’ll have lots more MarsCon talk over the next few weeks, kids. Because, as Eve Plumb would say, MarsCon MarsCon MarsCon.)

Episode 142 complete show notes and links at www.flopcast.net!


Earth Station MCU Episode 3

Earth Station MCU Ep 3
No new “Agent Carter” this week, but Earth Station MCU is back with our third episode! While there are no movies set in the period following Agent Carter up to the start of Phase One with Iron Man, we know a lot about the characters who were influencing events in the MCU during that time. Join Jen, John, Brian and The Phantom Troublemaker as we talk about this week’s news, the Ant-Man trailer, upcoming MCU toy releases and much more!
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ESO Pro Wresting Roundtable Episode 17

ESO Pro Wrestling Ep 17On this special edition episode of ESO Pro, Alex Autrey, John Morgan Neal and Mike Gordon discuss the annual tradition that is The Royal Rumble, as well as the rest of the 2015 card. Find out our picks for each of the matches, and see if they match yours. What surprises will we see? Who’s going out the fastest, and what match are we looking forward to the most? Plus, we deliver our pick for who is walking out of Philly with the World Heavyweight Championship.
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RevNews: 2014 Year in Review – Doctor Who: Ahhh, Moffat!

2014 has passed, so it’s time to now sit back and reflect on what has come before. In the first of our retrospectives, RevNews host Gary Mitchel pulls together almost everyone who discussed the first episode “Deep Breath” in our Live at DragonCon episode to see what they thought of the rest of the season (not including the Christmas Episode): Sue Kisenwether, Jessa Phillips, Tegan Hendrickson and standing in for Michael Falkner (who sadly could not make it) is Doctor Who aficionado Mike Gordon!

Listen in as they discuss their impression of the season overall; How they feel about Peter Capaldi and the character of the 12th Doctor as well as Clara, Danny and Missy; RTD era subtle vs Moffat era subtle; the quote “If someone changes appearance, if Star Trek taught us anything, that leads you to sleep with William Riker”; the Danny/Clara romance; how the 12 Doctor relates to children; their pics of the high and low points of the season; how they feel about Moffat now; and Tegan’s valiant attempts to remind us that it’s all gonna be ok.

A reminder about our feedback address: revcast@revolutionsf.com. Are you addicted to time travel? Seek help.  We are all here for you.